We are so glad that you are here. Our mission and goal is to serve our clients by providing the funding needed to run and grow their businesses.


Whether you need help securing funding for working capital, or are seeking money to grow and expand your goals, we probably have a solution for you. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the many ways that our firm is bringing companies and resources together through our growing network of partnerships.


Source Capital

When you need money to operate or grow your business, we're here for you. We have multiple lending partners ready to get you the money you need. Contact one of our Business Advisers today for more information.

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Financial Backing When You Need It

At our Firm, we believe that the world is better with you and your business in it. That is why we have teamed up with other like minded companies who believe the same way.

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The Number One Cause of FAILURE in Small Businesses is: LACK OF WORKING CAPITAL.  Don't Close Your Doors. We Can Help!

If you find money is tight, or that you are constantly trying to push payment deadlines until your customers pay you what they owe, we want to sit down and discuss it with you. Our vast network of lenders are ready (AND WILLING) to explore alternative funding solutions to get you the money you need. Just click to get started and let us find the right solution to fit your needs or  Contact your Business Adviser today to find out how we can turn your invoices into cash now instead of later. 

Turn Your Invoices INTO CA$H NOW

Why continue to struggle with payroll, inventory pricing, and supplier bills? Let CashForCompanies.com put the money your customers owe you in your pocket now, not later.  Click to get started now and watch your business grow.




"As a combat Veteran, I understand the importance of making sure the mission is accomplished. It takes preparation, determination, and skill to ensure success.


The same is true when it comes to getting money from a lender to keep your business moving forward. That's why I created this FREE eBook: "Money For Your Business" to give you all of the knowledge and tools you need to ensure your mission is a go!" - Chris Miller

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