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If you are tired of waiting 30 days or more to get paid on your work, let's talk. We can put cash in your hands up front to pay your bills, payroll, equipment and leases, purchase supplies, etc. 

Convert Your Invoices Into Working Capital For Your Business!

Invoice factoring is a simple, reliable, and inexpensive way of getting the cash flow your business needs to grow.

Slow Paying Customers?

Submit Your Application and Get Cash Now for your Invoices!

Typical Bank Loans can cost upwards of 20% which can cripple a company.

Invoice Factoring often costs just 4% or less, putting more cash at your disposal when you need it.

Getting the Money You Need Is Simple

Invoice factoring (or Invoice Financing) is a method of small-business financing that lets you turn your invoices into working capital now, not later. Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3:




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What is Invoice Factoring?

Invoice Factoring is a low-risk cash management solution for small to medium-sized companies. You sell your accounts receivable at a small discount and get your money immediately.

Business Adviser - Steve Wilcox

As a Financial Business Adviser with CashForCompanies, I will bring a unique understanding and drive to help your business with accomplishing your financial goals. My primary drive is to counsel and guide my clients by helping to determine funding requirements, and anticipate future growth needs. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

How can invoice factoring help my small-medium size business?


Cash flow
Immediate cash flow so you can pay expenses now. You get the cash you need immediately with rates around 4% or less depending on volume.


No debt
It’s easier than a bank loan: grow your business without taking on debt. Our approval process is less restrictive than a business loan, using your existing invoices as collateral.


Grow your business
Never miss a new opportunity because of slow-paying customers. More accessible money means you have the means to go after more and bigger accounts to grow your company faster and more efficiently. 


More time to run your business
Going through a loan process can be time consuming. When you team up with us, we make this process as simple and quick as possible. Our business advisers know what we need to collect and can assist your team in gathering up everything needed to ensure a successful funding package is delivered and approved. You just run your business. Let our team help with the rest.

  • Invoice Financing is not a loan so qualifying is often easier than applying for a traditional business loan. 

  • Invoice Financing is only available for B2B sales invoices. B2C invoices do not qualify for financing at this time. 

  • If your business is in its startup phase, Invoice Financing can offer cashflow solutions when traditional business loans are unavailable. 


Because we’re FOR COMPANIES! We work with small to medium-sized businesses to simplify and strengthen their operations and grow their businesses. And we know what works!


Not all Factoring Companies are created equal

You can go it alone and try to deal directly with a Factoring Company if you wish, but be careful. Not all Factoring Companies, or Factoring Agreements, are created equal. Many of them do not have your company's best interests in mind. Having CashFor Companies on your side, knowing where the pitfalls and traps are hidden, ensures you don't pay too much or give away the store. We have partnered with the best Factoring Companies in the Industry to bring our clients the best rates, and the best synergistic relationships for their business.  

Best Rates = More Money when you need it!

By utilizing our partnerships with many of the large Factoring Companies, your business has the advantage it needs to negotiate the best rates so that you keep more money for your business. Traditional loans often cost 20% or more to get the money you need to operate your business. With CashForCompanies on your team, we look for partners who will get you the money you need at rates of just 4% or less. 

More Money

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